house cleaningJan 29, 2016
3 Tips For a Cleaner Home

Tip #1: The sink is only for washing things, not storing. A sink full of dishes signals everyone in the house that it’s okay to leave clutter and messes for someone to deal with later. Unwashed dishes also cause household odors and attract pests, particularly if it happens day after day. Listen, everyone gets tired and busy, but it takes less than 15 minutes to wash even the nastiest pile of dishes in the sink. Don’t believe me? Time yourself! Then the next ...

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2016 01 21 14.51.16Jan 22, 2016
26 Clever Cleaning Tips You’ll Love

For really tough carpet stains use an iron and damp washcloth Want to get rid of those nasty set-in carpet stains? I use an iron and damp washcloth. The warmth from the iron and dampth of the cloth attaches to dirt and breaks it apart. Cutting boards To get all those pesky food particles on cutting boards halve a lemon and sprinkle some kosher salt to rub along the board. This works magic getting those deep lodged in particles to dislodge. ...

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reuse egg carton for ornaments 1Jan 04, 2016
5 Tips for Storing Your Christmas Decorations

  Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas and if heading back to work isn’t bad enough we have to take down the decorations. Hopefully your wreath hasn’t blown away thanks to storm Dessie, Eva or Frank. Below are some handy tips for taking down and storing your decorations.      1.What to put the stuff in: Be sure to get some good containers to house all your Christmas trinkets. Now that Roses and Quality Street sweet tins are getting smaller ...

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