Divorce Blog PostOct 21, 2019

Let’s talk about Divorce

This isn’t a pleasant topic to discuss and definitely not a nice time in any home but if it happens, we are here to help! We see quite a lot of customers over the years renting out units for this very reason and as we have dealt with this type of renting regularly, we are extremely discreet and can help out both parties when dealing with renting a unit during a separation. While divorce still isn’t huge in Ireland as less than one divorce occurs for every ...

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Winter ClothesSep 24, 2019

Time to get out the winter clothes!

So last week was our small Indian summer and now it’s back to the rain and dark mornings. It’s time to get out the jumpers, rain jackets and boots but first things first we need to organise and store your summer wardrobe for next year. Now that we are all up crazy early for the rugby world cup what better time to rearrange your wardrobe! Below are some helpfully tips for this very transition: Where shall I Store my Summer Wardrobe? Starting out I would ...

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storage1Aug 27, 2019

Making the most out of your storage unit

So you have made the decision to use self-storage and you’re not sure of how to fill the unit as best as possible? The worst thing to do is to start loading your furniture badly and running the risk of having to get a bigger sized unit then you actual need. Below are a five handy tips for anyone looking to efficiently load their items within our facility and avoid spending more money than you should. 1.Furniture layout If you happen to have bulky furniture ...

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FileStorageJul 26, 2019

File Storage – Our How to Guide

If your office space is currently under a mountain of files or you are playing Jenga with archive boxes. We want to talk you through the best solutions available to sort this mess out. We have two options available regarding file storage, the first is the simple unit storage. You rent a room from us to store all your archive boxes. Our smallest unit is a twenty-five square foot unit, this will hold sixty archive boxes. You can access this unit twenty-four hours ...

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1035355 01Jun 12, 2019

The Easy Way to Declutter your Home

A recent blog post dealt with how to get your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready with some really good declutter tips with regard to clothes storage. You can check that post out here To keep the theme of that post with the Marie Kondo vibes we want to take a look at some simple tips for around the house in that declutter mindset. Tip one: get a cleaner! Ok in an ideal world that would be tip one but here are some practical and cheaper options: Make a list!! ...

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Moving back to ireland 01May 29, 2019

Moving Back Home After Living Abroad – Here are some of our tips

  We have been noticing quite an increase in people moving back to Ireland from far flung parts of the world of late. This trend could be due to the increase in the Irish economy over the last while or maybe the looming brexit worries or even just that massive hunger for Taytos and Barrys tea. Either way whatever your reasons for coming back to Ireland there are some mighty fine headaches involved and the list is endless but we are more concerned with ...

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55901800 2236735916347759 8731499273876668416 oApr 24, 2019

Our New Roundabout from Start to Finish!

If you have been keeping an eye on our social media posts of late you will know we recently starting sponsoring a local roundabout. Here is a rundown on how we implemented this city installation from start to finish. Be sure to give us a follow on our social media accounts here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/irishstorage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LimerickSelfStorage/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/limerickselfstorage/ A few months ago, we ...

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undefined 123995 1536260539473 main.500x0c 1Mar 15, 2019

Getting your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready!

Photo Credit  @CAROLINE_JOY We are seeing an increasing popularity in self-storage for seasonal units taken out by customers. What are seasonal units you ask? Well here we are to talk about them… These are small wardrobe sized units to kit out with all the unwanted winter gear while you Marie Kondo your house in preparation for the spring and summer. Gone are the fur coats, Skiing pants, oversized jumpers and big woolly socks and wellies in favour of maxi ...

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LateAfternoonStillFeb 18, 2019

What to do with your loves one’s possessions when they pass

Ok a bit of a shocking header! But this is one thing we have to talk about… After watching the recent Oscar nomination for the Irish animated short ‘Late Afternoon’ it had me thinking of the fragility of life and as you will see from the film the extremely sad event of the boxing up of processions from a loved one. It’s a beautifully produced short film well worth checking out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx7t0B4nzQc There are some things in life ...

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second time buyerJan 30, 2019

Downsizing your house – The How to Guide

OK so you have finally got rid of your kids and the house is finally all yours again but then you realise... what do we need this four bed house for anymore, Crazy heating bills and cleaning a whole house just for the two of you? Here in Limerick Self Storage we are seeing quite a lot of couples downsizing in the last while and it seems to be on the rise especially with the government giving the green light to smaller developers to build smaller houses in ...

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