HumansofLSS e1490791142124Feb 28, 2018

Humans of Storage #5 Meet Patrick

Limerick was covered in a lovely blanket of snow this morning as we opened up for business. Hopefully everyone is staying safe in the weather and as Teresa Mannion would say 'Don't take unnecessary risks on treacherous roads'. Even with the weather being so bad it is a very busy morning here in storage. Pictured above meet Patrick, He is hard at work moving in all his stuff. Patrick is currently moving out of his flat and has bought a house and is just ...

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StoragetipsJan 30, 2018

6 Great storage ideas for your Kitchen

As storage experts we have trawled through instagram to find you some brilliant storage tips for your kitchen, Below are 6 very handy storage ideas to help tidy up your kitchen. If these don't help just call into us and we can rent you a storage unit for all your unwanted kitchen stuff :) 1. Decant all your dry ingredients into closed containers. 2. Install a rail above your sink from which you can hang sieves, colanders and the like. 3. Make use of ...

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ElfintheselfstoageDec 12, 2017

Elf in the Self Storage – Check out our Christmas video

To get into the Christmas spirit we filmed a short movie entitled 'Elf in the Self Storage'. We had great fun making this with Crude Media ( We hope you like it! Check out the full video below. We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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santa inspects trampolineNov 29, 2017

Is Santa bringing something too big for the chimney this year?

We are posting this blog to let Santa know that if he needs to store any really really large presents out of the way of prying eyes in the lead up to Christmas we have many rooms available to help out. Let’s just say gifts such as giant trampolines, Dolls houses, Pool tables, Bikes and swing sets might just be too big to store in the North Pole. Santa can just access the unit 24/7 in the lead up to Christmas or even on Christmas Eve. This will surely help out ...

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20171013 122143Oct 13, 2017

Humans of Storage #4 Meet Pat

Pat & his wife Susan are coming home to Limerick after twenty four years living in America. Their forty foot shipping container arrived in Limerick this morning all the way from Philadelphia. As you will see from below they made light work of unloading the container and managed to pack the contents into one of our larger 125- square foot units.   Pat is using Limerick Self Storage while he organises his new Limerick home. He can come and go to ...

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Sep 07, 2017

Our ‘Write a Limerick’ Competition

  We recently ran a ‘Write a Limerick’ competition on our social media pages. The competition was to find out who could write the best Limerick poem with the subject around storage. If your are unsure of what a Limerick is : A Limerick is a form of poetry in five-line, predominantly anapaestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), often humorous and sometimes obscene. The third and fourth lines are shorter than the other three. The prize was a €200 ...

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20170714 154730Jul 18, 2017


There’s a lot to remember when it comes to moving house – from all the big physical stuff right down to the small bits of paperwork – so it’s no wonder that there are some things that get left behind. 1. Labelling boxes. This might sound like an obvious one but when you're rushing, little things like labelling a box can easily be forgotten. And although it seems like a small mistake to make, the impact it can have on your move at the other end can be quite a ...

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Home Alone 2 Lost in New York image home alone 2 lost in new york man repeller mom style inspirationMay 16, 2017

Do you worry about your valuables while on holidays?

As its nearing the summer holiday season we decided to cover the topic of summer storage. Do you on holidays stress about the security of the house or worse worry that you have left the dreaded immersion on. If you can't stop thinking about these things instead of enjoying lounging around the pool with a cocktail be sure and tick off a few things before you leave. First off check your house insurance is all up to date and that you have accounted for new stuff ...

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HumansofLSS e1490791142124Apr 18, 2017

Humans of Storage #3 Meet Catherine

For our third installment of Humans of Storage we get to meet Catherine. Catherine is a limerick native who is now living in London. Catherine availed of our free move in service and managed to move the full contents of her house in our fully enclosed trailer. Catherine was clearing out a family home and keeping her possessions safe and secure with Limerick Self Storage while she finds a new home for them. Her advice for anyone about to move house is to get ...

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HumansofLSS e1490791142124Mar 29, 2017

Humans of Storage #2 Meet Niall

Following on from last months human of Storage where we had a catch up with one of our residential customers Sven (Check it out here), This month we get a chance to talk to one our Commercial customers Niall from a company who provided wind farms in Ireland. Below Niall fills us in what his company does and why they use Self Storage. Niall & Martin from Vestas loading their storage unit down in Limerick Self Storage So Niall what does your company do: ...

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