second time buyerJan 30, 2019
Downsizing your house – The How to Guide

OK so you have finally got rid of your kids and the house is finally all yours again but then you realise… what do we need this four bed house for anymore, Crazy heating bills and cleaning a whole house just for the two of you?

Here in Limerick Self Storage we are seeing quite a lot of couples downsizing in the last while and it seems to be on the rise especially with the government giving the green light to smaller developers to build smaller houses in Ireland only this week thanks to last year’s budget.

Moving house is one of the most stressful times in your life akin to a death in the family and or a divorce to avoid the later of the two during a downsize we can help.

One of the hardest things during a downsize is culling all the stuff you have acquired over the years. All those special buys from Aldi/Lidl over the years. The unused wet suit, flamethrower , blow-up kayak and chainsaw and that’s just the shed contents! The attic is a whole other ball game. This is where Limerick Self Storage steps into the picture. We can provide a storage room for all the goods that wont fit into the new small house or apartment. In our experience we have seen a lot of couples use the storage room while they either audit/dump stuff and also sell stuff online using our place as a base for flogging the unwanted stuff.

If your one of these couples this is where limerick self storage comes into the picture. Let us help you in this arduous task. First packaging up the house we can provide boxes, bubble wrap and so on. Check out our full selection of packaging here in our shop (Link).

Then moving the stuff to storage, ether you want a long term solution or long term we have 30 different size rooms to fit all needs. Check out our storage estimator here (Link).

Lastly getting the stuff to our facility, We provide a free move in service from limerick city to our facility on the dock road. The next step is to give us a call on 061-446302 or email us on We can guide you through all the steps involved and help you make this move. Best of luck downsizing!

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