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File Storage – Our How to Guide

If your office space is currently under a mountain of files or you are playing Jenga with archive boxes. We want to talk you through the best solutions available to sort this mess out.

We have two options available regarding file storage, the first is the simple unit storage. You rent a room from us to store all your archive boxes. Our smallest unit is a twenty-five square foot unit, this will hold sixty archive boxes. You can access this unit twenty-four hours a day. The unit is fully heated and alarmed. For full details on our facility check out the spec here.

The second option is going down the route of having a full file storage solution.

We are the only self-storage facility in the region with ISO accreditation and we have been operating a family storage business since 1915 so we know what we are up to!

We provide all the answers below to insure you have the best possible file storage system in place. Let me talk through the process in these seven easy steps:

Step 1: Building a Catalogue

We will work with you to develop a cataloguing procedure that will encourage a uniform database entry and data management. This ensures that when it’s time to find a box or file that the search is done efficiently and quickly.

We provide you with a file storage excel template which is a simplistic method to get the catalogue process started. This template can be expanded to suit any line of business from a medical practice to legal business.

We would ask you put a review date on the boxes for reasons we explain in step seven.

If you already have a catalogue in place, we can manipulate this for our records and give you back an excel sheet to keep the files updated for the following years files.


Step 2: Boxing up the files

This goes hand in hand with step one really but we would try and get all the files in good quality archive boxes. We currently provide double walled jumbo archive boxes which are the perfect size for storing files. These can be purchased and shipped straight to you.

Step 3: Bar-coding the boxes

We provide bar-code labels for each box that can be affixed to the front of the box for easy cataloguing and easy retrieval. This also ensures that every box is accounted for at all times.

Collection of boxes

Step 4: Collection

Once the files are boxed, catalogued and bar-coded we can collect them free of charge and bring them to our file storage facility on the dock road.


Step 5: Scanning the boxes

Our file room is racked and bar-code so that each box has its own shelf within the racking. Each box is then scanned into their own location and added to our file storage software.

File Storage

Step 6: Retrieval of files or boxes

Once the catalogue is added to our file storage, we can then make it available on a secure online portal for each customer to use. Our file storage software is firewalled and backed up both locally and within the cloud each day.

Using the specific customer portal, you can request a files or boxes. We will then deliver this item within 3 hours, the same day or next day depending on the urgency of the file/box retrieval.

You can also add files and boxes to the system prior to the next pick up.

Step 7: The Audit

The dreaded file audit is something no one wants to do hence the number of files and boxes lying around the place.

With the new GDPR guidelines we have noticed a massive increase in the use of off-site file storage. During the catalogue step we encourage all our customers to put a review date on each box. The review date on the boxes are checked each year and any box that needs to be reviewed or simply shredded can be done so in house.

This keeps your company compliment and also you are not paying for storage of boxes you do not need. This Lets us handle all the worries and hassle around the yearly audit.


So that’s all the steps involved in setting up a file storage system. Whether you simply want to gain some office floor space or have the peace of mind that your files are in a safe reliable place please contact us about our file storage facility.

We can arrange a site visit and talk through the best method for you. We are currently saving our customers between 20% – 30% on their file storage.

If you would like me to call and discuss what the steps are to getting a file storage system set up please don’t hesitate to contact me on 1800 94 6666 or email for a full quote.


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