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Getting your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready!

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We are seeing an increasing popularity in self-storage for seasonal units taken out by customers. What are seasonal units you ask? Well here we are to talk about them…

These are small wardrobe sized units to kit out with all the unwanted winter gear while you Marie Kondo your house in preparation for the spring and summer. Gone are the fur coats, Skiing pants, oversized jumpers and big woolly socks and wellies in favour of maxi dresses, Bikinis and summer garb all neatly folded and hanging. Getting that capsule wardrobe you have dreamt of is not that hard as you though. Taking out a storage unit with us lets you have the capsule wardrobe life with not really having to whittle your life down to 40 or so pieces. Don’t throw your stuff out or limit yourself just store the stuff you don’t need for now.

If you have been under a rock lately you may not have heard of the amazing tips and tricks of Marie Kondo stop what you’re doing and check out her series on Netflix or delve into her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying “. Her main philosophy is to discard everything in your life that does not spark joy. Along with this deletion of joyless stuff is to declutter and live minimally and have everything easily accessible. Thus, cleansing the mind of the wrong season’s outfits taking over the wardrobe and lumping them into storage can be bring some of this philosophy into your life without the full-on throw in the skip vibes of kondo. Let the winter clear out begin!


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So what do you need to do to have this scenario in your life? Simple! You rent a small unit with ourselves kit it out will some shelving and then put in all the seasonal clothes you don’t need. We also sell cardboard wardrobe boxes complete with a clothes rail so no excuse not to have the items hanging in the storage unit. With self-storage you get a code for the building, you have your own key and can have twenty-four-hour access to get any item at any time. Hey presto! you have yourself and wardrobe away from home.


Here are some simple tips on making that seasonal unit a reality.

  1. Check out what size you need!

Go through all the winter stuff you have and lay it all out and see how much hanging space you require for it. Get some decent boxes to put seasonal stuff in for example ski gear, Christmas decorations and the like. Hint hint… we have a full packaging shop on site.

  1. Write out a list!

Keep a list of all the winter items going into storage so you can easily cross reference what you have instead of wasting time and actually going through the stuff when that season rolls around. It also helps you not buy two of something. If you are boxing up some stuff be sure and write clearly on the outside of the box the contents. This will make it so much easier in storage to get that one thing you need.

  1. Stack the stuff correctly

When using self-storage be sure and put the heaviest box in storage on the bottom of the pile. If you don’t you are in danger of having that heavy box damage all the boxes below it. Also give yourself some space within the unit to get at all the boxes and clothes. Our facility has a large hallway outside each unit so we don’t mind if you have to drag out stuff into the hallway and go through your things when needed.

  1. Colour code your items

Lastly It might be worth adding a colour system to your boxes when swapping out seasonal stuff. Green sticker for winter items and a yellow sticker for summer items for example. It makes the process so much easier.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks and are thinking of taking a space for seasonal storage just give us a call on 061-446302 or send us an email to yourspace@limerickselfstorage.com and we can arrange a free quote and a full tour of the facility and also a free move in service within Limerick city. Now off you go and check out if your stuff is bringing joy to your life 😉



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