Personal Space Estimator

Personal Space Estimator

At Limerick Self Storage one of the questions we get asked all the time is: “How much space do I need?” There are three ways to work out what size of unit is best for you.
1. Trying to imagine how much space you will need when all your furniture is stacked together in a unit is difficult. It is like playing Tetris with your goods. So don’t worry about picking the exact size, our space estimator below is here to help.
2. Call us or call in. Our storage managers have years of experience and should be able to give you an approximate size once you describe your needs.
3. Pack up your stuff* and arrive at our facility. Our storage experts will be able to estimate a unit size and don’t worry if you need to change the size already booked, you can do that on the day.

* We have a free move in service if needed. (subject to T&C’s)

  • 25 SQFT
  • 35 SQFT
  • 50 SQFT
  • 75 SQFT
  • 100 SQFT
  • 125 SQFT
  • 150 SQFT
  • 200 SQFT
  • 250 SQFT
  • 25sqf packed Personal
    25sqf plan Personal
    25sqf empty Personal
    • 25 SQFT

    • DescriptionContents of a walk in closet. Here, you can store miscellaneous items like an extra mattress, boxes, books, and files etc.
    • Size25 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet200
    • Cubic Meter6.37
    • Size in feet5ft x 5ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent1 small van load / estate car load
  • 35sqf packed Personal
    35sqf plan Personal
    35sqf empty Personal
    • 35 SQFT

    • DescriptionThe contents of a one bed apartment/ garden shed
    • Size35 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet280
    • Cubic Meter8.92
    • Size in feet7ft x 5ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalentTransit Van Size (Small Load)
  • 50sqf packed Personal
    50sqf plan Personal
    50sqf empty Personal
    • 50 SQFT

    • DescriptionThe contents of a one bed house
    • Size50 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet400
    • Cubic Meter12.74
    • Size in feet10ft x 5ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalentTransit Van Size (Large Load)
  • 75sqf packed Personal
    75sqf plan Personal
    75sqf empty Personal
    • 75 SQFT

    • DescriptionThe contents of an average two bed house
    • Size75 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet600
    • Cubic Meter19.11
    • Size in feet10ft x 7.5ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent1 Luton Van Size
  • 100sqf packed Personal
    100sqf plan Personal
    100sqf empty Personal
    • 100 SQFT

    • Description The contents of an average two-three bed house
    • Size100 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet800
    • Cubic Meter25.48
    • Size in feet10ft x 10ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent 1 - 2 Luton Van Size/ 7 Tonne truck (Small Load)
  • 125sqf packed Personal
    125sqf plan Personal
    125sqf empty Personal
    • 125 SQFT

    • Size125 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet1000
    • Cubic Meter31.86
    • Size in feet10ft x 12.5ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent1 - 2 Luton Van Size/ 7 Tonne truck (Large Load)
  • 150sqf packed Personal
    150sqf plan Personal
    150sqf empty Personal
    • 150 SQFT

    • Size150 SQFT
    • Cubic Feet1200
    • Cubic Meter38.23
    • Size in feet15ft x 10ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent2 - 3 Luton Van Size/ 20ft Container (Small Load)
  • 200sqf packed Personal
    200sqf plan Personal
    200sqf empty Personal
    • 200 SQFT

    • DescriptionThe contents of a four bed house
    • Cubic Feet1600
    • Cubic Meter 50.97
    • Size in feet10ft x 20ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalent3 Luton Van Size/ 20ft Container (Full Load)
  • 250sqf packed Personal
    250sqf plan Personal
    250sqf empty Personal
    • 250 SQFT

    • DescriptionThe contents of a four bed house plus. Mainly used for business storage such as pallet storage.
    • Cubic Feet2000
    • Cubic Meter50.97
    • Size in feet10ft x 25ft (8ft in height)
    • Transport equivalentTransport equivalent: 40ft Container (Full Load)
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