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The Easy Way to Declutter your Home

A recent blog post dealt with how to get your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready with some really good declutter tips with regard to clothes storage. You can check that post out here

To keep the theme of that post with the Marie Kondo vibes we want to take a look at some simple tips for around the house in that declutter mindset. Tip one: get a cleaner! Ok in an ideal world that would be tip one but here are some practical and cheaper options:


  1. Make a list!!

Try and determine where in the house needs the most attention. Once you have these sections outlined try and make a time in the week your tidy up time for that place. Work out if you need to actually bin stuff, get more storage in that area or simple keep on top of it. Get a schedule in place and a regular time slot within your week to give it attention.


  1. Clear out the attic

Provided you do have an attic space or even a potential storage area/box room. Make this a storage haven. Floor the attic if it hasn’t already been done and get some cheap shelving put up. Get some cheap hanging rails for clothing also. This can be your go-to room for keeping those items you don’t quite want to bin yet.

A little plug for us here in LSS, we do provide ideal boxes for this activity. We have wardrobe boxes with its own internal hanger and makes it so easy to add to a storage room and keeps the clothes dust free. We also have handy archive/bankers boxes which are the ideal size for going up a stira stairs. These are perfect for stacking within your new storage area. Check out our full range here.


  1. Clothes clear out

I know we wrote a full post on wardrobe clear outs already but its very hard not to write a declutter post and not mentioning getting rid of clothes. Clothes seem to accumulate like rabbits in the wardrobe in my house anyway. So, here’s another tip we didn’t write about in the last post to help cull these unwanted garbs.

A handy way to identify what clothes simply need to go out of your wardrobe is to hang all your clothes in the reverse direction. After you wear something hang it back in the correct way facing you. So, after 6 months of this all the clothes that are still hanging in reverse simply need to get gone!


  1. Change your outlook on your house

This might sound strange but take pictures of all the rooms in your house and check them out later on. Ask you yourself would you be comfortable to post them on social media or have you just realised why the hell do I still have that weird looking vase stuck in the corner. It is a very good test to see your own house through the eyes of the lens.

Another option to change your outlook is maybe start inviting the in-laws over regularly. In no time they will be telling you what’s right or wrong with you home 😊

Lastly get a friend to bring their toddler around this is the sure-fire test to see how many Knick knacks need to leave your sitting room. The baby might even do you a favour and break a few.


  1. The four box challenge

This is a tried and tested method to sort out the biggest hoarders around. The basic gist is to source four cardboard boxes. (I did tell you we sell boxes, right? Go check them out here 😊)

Box 1 – Put all the items in the room you want to keep

Box 2 – Put all the items you want to give away/ donate to charity

Box 3 – Put all the items you want to throw out

Box 4 – Put all the items you want to relocate to the attic, box room or even in a storage unit off site

This method is the quickest way to go room by room and sort your house out.

A lot of our residential units that are currently occupied are being used as this extra room for all those items you just want to keep but don’t want to clutter up your house. If you know someone who seriously needs a declutter please send this post to them.

If you need anything storage related just give us a call on 061-446302 or send us an email to yourspace@limerickselfstorage.com and we can arrange a free quote. Enjoy the declutter!


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