What to do with your loves one’s possessions when they pass

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LateAfternoonStillFeb 18, 2019
What to do with your loves one’s possessions when they pass

Ok a bit of a shocking header! But this is one thing we have to talk about…

After watching the recent Oscar nomination for the Irish animated short ‘Late Afternoon’ it had me thinking of the fragility of life and as you will see from the film the extremely sad event of the boxing up of processions from a loved one. It’s a beautifully produced short film well worth checking out here:

There are some things in life not worth thinking about and one of those things is the death of a family member or close friend. During this extremely difficult time there is a lot of work to be do including funeral arrangements, legal business and one major aspect around this time is dealing with the loved one’s property and the contents of the property.

Over the years we see a lot of people using self-storage nowadays as an easy way to store all their loved one’s stuff after their passing. The family may need to clear the house for property valuations and a potential house sale and thus storing it safely away with us is ideal.

Another self-storage use around this time we have seen is to give the family a place to gather and go through the items and share out their precious heirlooms and belonging. You can add as many family members as needed to the storage account and they can call and go through the items here at their leisure.

Lastly, we see some customers use it as a base in which to sell online and have people call to check out the goods and sell them in Limerick Self Storage instead of them calling to the property. It just makes it a lot easier and private for the family. Once again these are things you wouldn’t necessarily think of but good to know such a service if out there.

The Irish Citizen information site offers a complete checklist of Consumer Reports offers a complete checklist of things to do when a loved one dies to help keep you on track during the aftermath of a tragedy (link here). While taking care of official business, you can relieve some of the stress by having a safe place to store your loved one’s possessions until the estate is settled. We have witnessed this type of storage for many years and are able to be flexible to the family needs as this very difficult time. We offer a free move in service to the family for the goods to be transported straight to our facility and we also have a full packaging shop on site to start the process of boxing up all the items.

If you know anyone that might need storage like this please let them know and they can contact us on 061-446302 or email us for a full quote here: yourspace@limerickselstorage.com

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